Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

All loved ones and friends...

Let the coming New Year be like a plane ride with "God" as our pilot,
"Dreams" as our wings,
"Hope" as our fuel,
"Love" as our engine,
"Good Friends" as our crew,
"Faith" as our safety belt &,
"Happiness" as our passenger,
Blessed & Awesome 2009!

Pray for a better year of 2009..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blessed November..

I would like to share with all fwens..that this month is a blessed month for me and my family.
My life begin and started a new life this month. Not that i dont appreciate other months, but I
shall share with you the reason why am saying this...in my next post!!

I am so thankful O Lord, for all the blessing given to us until we can reach to this stage of
life. Please continue to bless us with love of yours.

To be cont.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wow...nda berasai ka abis bulan tok..

wow..nda berasai dah ka abis bulan tok. Another 2 months agik , masuk taun baru. Ermm....bulan tok, maioh amat utai nyadi. Bisi yang bday and bisi ga yang passed away. For me, October very busy month...maioh kwn ku dah awal2 cuti raya. Left me alone in the ofis, and a few fwens tapi nda sama ngau ku ngadu keja yang sama. So bertambah la keja ku..but nice also, being so busy in the ofis nyo nda berasai ga jam maia ka pulai..

although busy in the ofis, tapi best ga maia pulai..coz daddy keith is having a long holiday. Almost a month ya cuti, so keith pun nadai la nurun playschool. Apa agik keith, so happy to know that he doesnt have to go to school. He can wake up late. He can watch cartoon the whole day and he can have his own chef at home...order ja ko daddy ya..hehhehe!!! Cute...

In daddy keith's family maioh yang born this month. Odil and Mummy...I did send bday wishes to Cik Odil on her bday...but i missed to wish happy bday to my MIL...Opps...I just noticed that last nite..I felt so bad laban ku lupak kol mummy. Hmm....blame it on Daddy Keith, hehhe...sama la kami duai on that day was busy ngau keith . So many excuses eh...Nvm, I pay back for this...Mummy, if u happen to read this " Happy Bday to you, May you be blessed with better health, happiness and love around you..."

Tomorrow is the last day for this month, we are aiming to improve for the following months..

I got this from Mak Mok..lets share these words..

Watch your thoughts, they become words
watch your words, they become habits
watch your habits, they become characters
watch your character, it becomes your destiny..

Cheers for this month of October.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tired October...

Haiya...this month is a tiring month for me, most of my friends taking leave for raya celebration. Some of them, coming in to office almost middle oct. Then, of coz la I will be the one handling all keja and with the help of Mr. WKY...not enuf ley!!!:(

Today m so happy coz my friend Nor will be coming back to office tomorrow. Feeling so nice having her around, all these while me alone in the office handling keja yang gilar2 banyak. Thank you Nor , u save me hehe...

Not much la this early month, most of the time alone...hubby will be having his long leave until end of the month...fuyooo..best!!! So no need to worry of Keith dont want to go to school, daddy is around now so he can take care of Keith.

Till then, will update in my next post...it has been a long time i didnt blog, so ngelusu..hahha...


My boy, Keith Henrique Gani

Handsome Keith Henrique Gani :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charity Dinner " Miri Food Festival"

Sorry for backdated update..boss was so kind last week when he gave us a free ticket to Miri Food Festival at Grand Palace. Hmm...was kinda blur and malas pulak want to go..as the whole day was hectic and busy from morning till 5. Non stop keja, workload....aduh, really lazy to go out.

Called up my hubby to ask him whether he wanted to join me or not..as our Keith was not feeling well so hubby was not working last friday to jaga him. "Keith okay already, so we can go tonite lor.." hubby said. Hmm...my head still pening2, still undecided whether want to go or not, I reach home 15 mins before 6. Then took 2 tablets of Pain Killer, had a short nap..but cant ketinggalan to watch that "Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih" movie...:)
After short nap, my head getting better..so I told Hubby , that we are goin but still bingung on what dress to wear. Decided to go there as casual,..and luckily all frens coming dress in casual wear, some even wear shorts...but the best of coz our Madam D, datang dengan boots lagi..huhu!!!

Enjoy the pics..too bad no foods photos taken, laban kelalu ka makai...hahaa...

**Mr & Mrs Jarvis Paul and Keith Henrique Gani***

****Nor and Family***

***Keith and Syahmi***

***Hubby and Keith planning ***

***Nor in shock***

***me and Cor (hate to show this pic but I have reason to be happy)***

Must remember all, every success you have now lies sadness and pain in the past.. every pain and sadness you u felt before, there is a success and happiness waiting for you di penghujungnya.. believe me??????

** Im looking forward to spend our weekend at Marriot Hotel( haha, I was lucky to have a free voucher that nite, yeeehaaa..) this coming weekend, we plan to lepak2 there with all fwens to celebrate Keith's bday,..till then, until we meet in my next post as I will upload our photos for this coming cheerful weekend..**

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Im so lucky...

Im so lucky...should i say very lucky? yesterday, my purely atos nearly knock a couple who suddenly fall from the motorbike just in front of my car(yeah..blame it on the slippery road..). And just a few inches only, the couple almost "kena heret" by Atos. Aduh, and one lorry nearly knock my car from the back, just few inches from my purely Atos.If not, today I have to borrow Keiht's small bike there..:) Huhu...luckily I sempat tekan paddle brake. Else I couldnt imagine how it would be only if I suddenly jadi panik..and forgot to tekan brake. Fuyoo..I quickly go out from my Atos and check the couple. Sad to see the wife was crying, maybe too shock and takut...I tried to calm her down. Check those 2, in case they need me to send them to clinic as of coz the husband maybe terseliuh and the wife was crying sambil memegang tangan..they said they r okay. :( I proceed to office with my heart still beating fast, as Im still nervous for what has happened. Praise the Lord, that everything is alright.

** Be careful especially motor riders in front of you.. **